Career Package

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Looking to switch career paths, land that very important interview, or let your boss see your qualifications for that promotion? Then this is for you.


Resume- A brand new 1-2 page resume customized specifically for the position in which you are applying. Visually appealing to capture your interviewers attention and grammatically correct.

Cover Letter- really set yourself apart from your competition by turning in a cover later that captivates the reader and makes the recruiter want to review your resume.

References- No need to pull out a cell phone to get the contact number of your references. Turn in your references sheet that visually matches your resume and cover letter. Also slows your recruiter easy acces to the contact information of your references.



  • LinkedIn Guide- recruiters are looking for candidates in LinkedIn. It is best your profile is up to par and captivating.
  • Interview tips- be the master of your own fate by mastering the art of interviewing.